Keep Fish Fresh for Longer Time and Get More Return!

PreserFish is harmless and safe preservative which keep fish, seafood and marine catch fresh for longer times, to increase profit and to get the good return on investment!

Fish and seafood are rich in protein, iron, minerals, vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids with almost nil saturated fat. The whole purpose of this low-calorie diet for protection from cardiovascular disease, high blood lipid etc.
However, fish and marine products are at high risk of contamination. Spoilage starts moment fish is out from the water. Climatic and hygienic conditions at fisheries, handling and storage add-on rapid multiplication of bacteria. What generally comes to our plate is contaminated fish and seafood which might not be fit for human consumption.

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Traditional Methods of Fish  Preservation
Traditional preservation methods of fish are exposing fish for long periods to weather elements coupled with other methods of preservation like hot smoking, sun-drying, deep frying and poor storage responsible for further degradation of fish.
Those post-harvest losses of nutrition and bacterial spoilage produce notorious odour and toxins and make it unfit for human consumption. It might land up with food poisoning.

PreserFish is an Answer to Preserve Fish; Prevent Spoilage and Get More Profits

PreserFish is safe and harmless food additive is the new concept for fish preservation. Contact Anti Microbial agent – PreserFish, contains safe approved edible ingredients. Food Preservative prevents deterioration by preventing growth and reducing numbers of microbes. Specialized Fish preservative – PreserFish is intended to employ for external treatment to prevent microbial spoilage and degradation in fish, seafood and marine catch.
PreserFish preserves nutritive value of fish, seafood and other marine products catches intact for the longer time without affecting original texture , taste and aroma!

PreserFish is proven fish preservative for all types of fisheries: 

  • Prawn, Bangda(Indian Mackerel), River fish,
  • Red Snapper (Ranee), Mandeli (Goldspotted Grenadier Anchovy), Pomfret
  • Fresh Sardines and Freshwater Fish

Let’s take full benefits of most densely nutritive rich fish and seafood without risk of contamination. PreserFish is very easy to use, is harmless, approved and edible grade.
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