Importance of Fish Preservative; PRESERFISH

Nutritive value of fish decreases due to spoilage by bacteria – Preserfish unique harmless safe preservative for fish and seafoods. Preserfish preserves fish and keeps fish fresh for long time. Fish preservation by Preserfish does not alter original taste, texture, colour or aroma.   Preserfish is proven and time tasted food and fish preservative to find applications in all types of fisheries and aquaculture.
PreserFish developed after years of research and is the new concept of fish preservation. PreserFish is contact AntiMicrobial agent which reduces number of microbes, creates conditions to prevent deterioration keep fish fresh for longer time, the Antimicrobial agent is manufactured using safest edible food grade ingredients approved by FDA.
PreserFish – one of its kind of edible food additives and preservatives which is employed for external treatment to hinder and inhibit the growth of pathogens. Harmless and safe PreserFish with powerful antimicrobial work on various harmful bacteria and microbes without compromising flavor, taste, texture and nutritive values of marine catches.
Marine catches like fish, seafood and aquaculture are subject to bacterial spoilage. As fish spoils, its nutritional value decreases because bacteria degrade the protein which is intended for human consumption.

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PreserFish -Safe Fish Preservative for SeaFood

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Generate more income with fish preservative-PreserFish

Bacterial degradation and spoilage not only produce nitrogenous compounds with noxious odor but also degrade  nutritional value of fish. Bacterial spoilage in fresh fish can produce toxins which cause food poisoning; histamine contamination is prevalent among pelagic fish such as mackerel and sardine. Pathogenic bacterial contamination of fresh fish caused by poor handling and washing the fish in polluted water can also cause food poisoning.Get Maximum benefit through increasing shelf life of fish, sea food and marine catches. Preserve fish, reduce wastage and earn more!

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