Reduce Spoilage and Wastage of Fish

PreserFish is proven food additive prevents microbial spoilage, keep the nutritive value of fish intact for long time without deteriorating texture, taste and aroma. Fish are very nutritive however very perishable, the nutritive value decreases with time it is caught. Bacterial spoilage is the major cause of spoilage and deterioration.

Traditional practices such as exposing fish for long periods to weather elements coupled with traditional methods of preservation (hot smoking, sun-drying, and deep frying) and poor storage are subjecting fish to different kinds of degradation.

Relation Between Degradation of Nutritive Value of Fish and Microbial Spoilage;
Wastage of  Fish and catch

Bacterial growth starts once fishes are caught. These bacteria and microbes are responsible for spoilage of fish deterioration of fish and marine catches. Protein present in fish is the most important element of fish. Bacteria degrade nutritive protein present in fish, seafood and other marine catches. As protein degrades, nutritive value of fish reduces.
Bacterial action produces nitrogenous compounds with noxious odour and the affected fish will become highly unattractive and at this time there is too much nutritional damage.
After years of research, we have come out with unique product PreserFish which prevent spoilage and keep nutritive value of fish intact for long time.

Distinguishing peculiarities of Antimicrobial Preservative – PreserFish are:

  • PreserFish is new and unique concept of using safest food ingredients to reduce numbers of microbes
  • PreserFish is employed for external treatment.
  • PresFish offers the best antimicrobial effect even when applied externally.
  • PreserFish contains safest edible ingredients. (so even though you consume small portion of Food Preservative – PreserFish won’t harm you)
  • PreserFish is effective for preservation of all kinds of catches fisheries like inland, deep sea, fresh water, aquaculture, seafood etc
  • PreserFish is very easy to use. (How to use PreserFish)  

Reduce Wastage of marine catches and Get more Profit