Preserfish – Easy to use

PreserFish  – FSSAI approved food additive  increases shelf life of keep nutritive value intact for long Fish Preservative preserfish maintain natural original taste, textural and aroma of fish, seafood and marine catches for long time. Fish is preserve by arresting microbial contamination. Antimicrobial preservative  – Preserfish prevent  fish spoilage, wastage and is very easy to use.

Preserfish assist to reduce wastage and spoilage of fish, sea food and marine catches!

  • Marine catches like fish, seafood as well as aquaculture products may be washed in clean water if required.
  • Dissolve 30 grams of PreserFish for every lit of water by gentle stirring. (Take plain or sea water so that marine catches dip in it)
  • Dip the fish or any other catch in the PreserFish solution and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Remove the fish from the PreserFish solution.
  • Do not allow the liquid to drain off completely.Allow some of the liquid to remain on the fish.
  • Transfer the treated fish to storage container and place in ice or freeze it as per usual practice.
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Your products like fish, seafood and other marine catches will remain fresh for long time without obnoxious odor.

Unique antimicrobial agent Fish Preservative : keep fish fresh and prevent spoilage, Wastage and deterioration of fish

PreserFish proven in all area of  fisheries to keep fish fresh and prevent spoilage and deterioration of fish and other aquatic catches. Proven antimicrobial properties of  PreserFish  in areas of inland and marine fisheries to fish farming and aquaculture farming.
Matchless food additive – PreserFish preserve nutritive value of fish, seafood as well as marine catches without altering original taste, texture and aroma. With exceptional features, PreserFish found applications in all kinds of fisheries like inland fisheries, marine fisheries as well as in aquaculture farming. 

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